Production threaded bars, tie rods, anchor bolts and u bolts
Canali s.r.l.

Threaded bars

We produce many types of threaded bars, also with special customised threading.

In particular we produce:

- 1-2-3 m threaded bars in CL 4,6 / 5,8 / 6,8 / 8,8 / 10,9
- 1-2-3 m threaded bars in ASTM A193 B7
- 1-2-3 m threaded bars in AISI 316
- 1-2-3 m threaded bars in BRASS


For more than forty years CANALI s.r.l. has been a leading manufacturer of threaded bars, stumps, tie rods, anchor bolts, U bolts and nuts. Using the most modern and innovative systems CANALI s.r.l. is able to obtain productions that meet the most demanding needs. Custom or to drawing threading and parts can also be supplied upon request.


Via Mazzini 83
22030 Pusiano (CO)
Tel.: +39 031 655825
Fax: +39 031 657181

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